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Lindy Hops was founded in 1991 by Linda L’Erario. It was no more than a 400 square foot store, but it served as a promising beginning. The shop was marked with a 1950’s theme which became a huge part of the shop’s personality.
In 1992, a 600 square-foot addition was built. This gave a greater advantage to Ed Jones, the scientist behind the ice cream concoctions, who was able to work freely in the new structure. He soon became the Number One ice cream maker in the area.

In 2004, the original foundation was torn down and a brand new 1500 square-foot store was built in its place. The process rendered the store out of operations for a total of 9 months. The new building allowed room for three batch machines a large walk-in flash freezer and walk-in refrigerator, and an area solely for cake decorating.

The structure serves as Lindy Hops current home. The store holds seating for as many as twenty-seven people, genuine 1950’s music plays indoors and outdoors, and bubble gum colors classic to the 50’s coat the walls which are covered in decorations and memorabilia. Lindy Hops is always busy, full of laughter and sweet treats. It holds the same value for its products as it did when first founded, following the old tradition Linda and Ed established: “It’s all made right here.”

Stop in today and have a Lindy Hops treat!




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